40% Decrease in All Cause Mortality with Frequent Sauna Use

Let me repeat the headline:

There is a 40% decrease in ALL CAUSE MORTALITY for men who use the sauna 5-7 times per week.

I’ve been obsessed with sauna use (wet or dry, not steam rooms) since I was introduced to a Turkish bathhouse in Chicago called Red Square about four years ago.

Shortly after going to the sauna regularly and feeling amazing, I stumbled on Dr. Rhonda Patrick (via JRE, of course), and thankfully she is also fascinated by the health benefits of sauna use.


Must be over 174 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes per session, 5-7x per week

How do I keep myself occupied for 20-30 minutes in the sauna?

  • AirPods are fantastic in the sauna. No heat or water damage issues so far, so I listen to podcasts, tunes, or a meditation app (Headspace, Waking Up).
  • Good ol’ fashion paperback books! You can easily bring one in, but expect some water damage. You can waterproof the covers by wrapping them in a heavy duty tape.

The above clip is a little older but summarizes some of the wonderful benefits, but for those who are interested in taking a deep dive, check out the below study from the Mayo Clinic.

Cardiovascular and Other Health Benefits of Sauna Bathing: A Review of the Evidence

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