I Made You a Mix

A lot of them, actually. Since the early 2000s. Finally putting them all in one place with the help of Spotify. I can also put these on Apple Music, but my guess is everyone is on Spotify.


This is more of a playlist that will never end (also above). When I think of it, I’ll continue to just add tracks here that reflect the title. Essentially my favorite songs forever

Mixes #1-9 were composed between 2002-2003. In 2002 I turned 16 years young and got to drive my parents’ sweet Chrysler Sebring Convertible around Glen Ellyn, IL, with my super cool friends. We were pretty sweet, especially cuz I was one of the first kids to get his license. I guess sometimes it pays to go to an extra grade, huh? All this mixes sound like a suburban 16 year old.

This mix title was taken from a Bear Vs Shark song that only exists on Youtube, tited “Victoria Iceburg.”

Roughly 2006-2007…

Guilty Pleasures of pop-punk somewhere around 2006. I’d say most of these are still guilty pleasures.

A mix of indie and pop punk from 11.12.2007

A hip-hop mix that is definitely from around 2006-2007

A moody 2007 indie mix. College radio much?

Random KBGA playlist circa 2006-2009. I also found ALL my radio shows, which are kinda funny to look at. Good ‘ol college radio. Do people still listen to college radio? Should I say college radio again?

This mix was made sometime between 2007-2009. The title comes from the great and underrated Piebald.

Circa 2010, somewhere in the midwest

Summer in Chicago in 2010

Sometime in Chicago, 2011

Sometime in Chicago, circa 2011-2012 (emo title of the year award?)

Spring (?) in Chicago, circa 2012. Side note: how’s this for an emo mix title?

July 10th, 2012

I made this mix in 2016 to cheer the world up after the election. Nothing like some solid oldies to bring some sunshine into your day.

I started making a series of mixes for Ashley in 2013. These blended acoustic and light electronic music, what I guess now people call “chill” which is annoying. Anyway, these are great, relaxing mixes featuring lots of acoustic and downtempo electronic tracks for overcast days.
Headphone Music Vol. 1-10

I made this mix on May 6, 2018, for Ashley. One week later, on May 11, my life changed forever. This mix has taken on a lot more meaning for me since then. It’s a fun one and a good one.

A couple days later, I put this one together that I hope is cathartic

The Ultimate Emo (Almost) Acoustic Mix Vol. 4: 2018 Edition

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