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  • v.1 – Best of 2018 (music, books, & podcasts)
  • v.2 – New Jams, Sociologist Jonathan Haidt, Andrew Yang on Freakonomics, RXBar
  • v.3 – Twitter CEO Convos, Mental health, Teacher’s Pet – a Murder Mystery worth your time
  • v.4 – Anti-Aging, DMB vs Everyone, Nature of Reality, & Jamz
  • v.5 – Life Changing Events, Stevie Wonder, Julie Byrne, Dealing with Anxiety & Depression in 2019
  • v.6 – CCR, The Beatles, Climate Crisis, FKJ, & Jamz
  • v.7 – Wim Hof on cold therapy, ANTI-anti-vaxxers, & Amplifying conspiracy theories
  • v.8 – Fuck 2018, Chicago Violence, Social Media is Terrible, More new music
  • v.9 – David Foster Wallace, Russell & DMT, Trevor Noah, New Tunes, & more murder mystery podcasts
  • v.10 – Best of 2019 so far (podcasts + music)
  • v.11 – How To Change Your Mind, Inspiring Conversations On Biz & Life, & More Bangerz
  • v.12 – 22 minutes of exercise per day to avoid death and more jamz
  • v.13 – Psychedelics, Pacific Northwest Tunes, Finding Inspiration, Sapiens author
  • v.14 – Sauna Health Benefits, Journalist Matt Taibbi, Peter Thiel, More bopz
  • v.15 – Plastic Waste, More Country Vibes, Jimmy Dore & Politics, Feist, Woodstock
  • v.16 – Big Tech & Your Data, Nick Kroll, Charlie Day, Anti-Aging, & more Tunez
  • v.17 – Chill Vibez, Meditation Apps, Sam Harris, Ekhart Tolle, Andy Puddicombe, Dan Harris
  • v.18 – Wealth & Happiness, Dance Party of the Apocalypse, Covid-19 podcasts, Chuck Palahniuk, Mysterious Mr Epstein
  • v.19 – My lost brother, Book recommendations, Tunes for walking
  • v.20 –  Psychedelics & Meditation, Andrew Yang’s New Podcast, More Sauna info, & What Kinda Music
  • v.21 – Best of 2020 So Far (Albums, Singles, Podcasts) and New Playlists
  • v.22 – July 2020 Podcast & Tunes Roundup
  • v.23 – Work & Identity, Wealth Inequality, and New Tunes/Podcasts
  • v.24 – Social Media is Awful, Rogan to Spotify, Confusing Media Landscape