Rediscovered: SVIIB

Rediscovered School of Seven Bells in 2018. You should too.
Their first two albums, Alpinisms and Disconnect from Desire, are two incredible pieces of music. Kinda dreamy, atmospheric, indie rock with hints of electronics. They released three more albums after that.
The band consisted of twin sisters, Alejandra Deheza (vocals, guitar) and Claudia Deheza (keyboards, vocals) with Benjamin Curtis (guitar, synthesizers, vocals). Unfortunately, Curtis died from lymphoma in 2013 while creating their final album, and Alejandra completed it.
A very sad end to a great band, but they left us some wonderful music. 
I remember reading waaaay back in the day that Alejandra was a lucid dreamer, and she used to get inspired from those dreams and write the lyrics to their songs. The mystical idea of the lyrics and music coming to you while under the spell of your own subconscious always appealed to me as someone who has no musical inclinations, and it feels like such a wizard-like power to me.

This acoustic version of “Windstorm” on KEXP is incredible.

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