A Letter to Chris Stapleton Fans

Dear Chris Stapleton Fans –

I am very disappointed in you.

There are not a lot of you in my life because so few of my friends listen to country music, but whenever I run into one of you, I profess my love of Stapleton’s two albums. I don’t know why he jumps out for me more than say Sturgill Simpson or Jason Isbell, both who I enjoy, but don’t connect with as much for whatever reason.

Anyway, I’m always complaining about how he only has the two albums out (granted, another coming out later this year), and you don’t say anything?!

What the hell?

Why are you holding out on The SteelDrivers?!

Yeah, that’s right! I figured it out!

For those who didn’t know, let me learn ya’ something:

Before Stapleton set out on his solo career, he recorded two albums with The SteelDrivers, a BLUEGRASS band no less. And they rock (of course)!

Stapleton is featured on the self-titled debut and Reckless.

For all you other Stapleton fans out there, you are welcome.

For everyone who held out this info, I know your secret.

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