RIP Anthony Bourdain

From the Chicago Eater, read Anthony Bourdain’s Most Memorable Chicago Quotes.

You wake up in Chicago, pull back the curtain, and you KNOW where you are. You could be nowhere else. You are in a big, brash, muscular, broad shouldered motherfuckin’ city. A metropolis, completely non-neurotic, ever-moving, big hearted but cold blooded machine with millions of moving parts  — a beast that will, if disrespected or not taken seriously, roll over you without remorse.

It is, also, as I like to point out frequently, one of America’s last great NO BULLSHIT zones. Pomposity, pretentiousness, putting on airs of any kind, douchery and lack of a sense of humor will not get you far in Chicago.

Chicago is a town, a city that doesn’t ever have to measure itself against any other city. Other places have to measure themselves against it.

We’ll miss you Anthony.

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