Aquemini Turns 20

This is my favorite Outkast album and it is their best. It is the best hip hop album of all time, full stop.

Definitely in my top 5 favorite albums regardless of genre.

Stereogum’s Tom Breihan has a wonderful write up on this classic here.

I listened to this everyday in 2005, smoking a lot of weed and snowboarding in Missoula, MT, and it 100% “just blew my whole shit apart” too. I never appreciated how far artists could push hip hop until Outkast. Their whole discography became my religion that season.

3 Stacks & Daddy Fat Sax are at the top of their powers on this one, they are the best rappers in the best hip hop group of all time. Their run of albums is absolutely mind boggling to think about: ATLiens > Aquemini > Stankonia. Like…how is that even possible?

And that’s not even including Southernplayalistic or Speakerboxx/Love Below. It’s one of the best three albums runs in music history, not just hip hop.

We need to talk about the track “Aquemini.” It’s the hardest track Outkast ever released. The beat is so fire. Big & Dre’s second verses…oh my god.

Anyway, I could go on and on about this album. 

For anyone who wants to hear their favorite Outkasst track reimagined, check out this mixtape from Locsmif. It’s incredible and breathes new life into the songs.

And if you really want to do a deep dive on Aquemini, check out this write up here.

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