Bibio Releases New Single “Curls”

Not sure if this is going to be attached to a new EP or LP, but Bibio recently released “Curls,” his first new music of 2019.

This track leans more towards his atmospheric and folky side, with a dash of electronics, which is probably the side of him that I prefer most. I absolutely loved his 2016 release A Mineral Love (stop what you’re doing and listen to “Town & Country” right now), and his song “Lover’s Carvings” is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Here’s Bibio providing some more context for the song:

Lyrically, the song is inspired by a collection of separate memories, observations and fantasies, seemingly unrelated but tied together by a theme of admiration of those small things in life. When I look back on recent years, some of the things that seem to be significant to me are these small observations and experiences, like the smell of rain on wool or fresh air captured in a person’s hair after coming inside from a walk outside. These moments can be joyous and profound at times, a reminder of what life can be about, both meaningful and beyond meaning, which is a reminder for me that wordless songs often seem to say more than ones with lyrics. These types of everyday moments can feel more significant or memorable than qualifications and ambitious achievements, they extend into the ancient and beyond one’s own inner world; the same consciousness was probably experiencing the same many millennia before us. There are many good things in life that you can have too much of, except for fresh air, so perhaps that’s why it feels so welcome when it clings to us, and therefore, like these other little daily observations that resonate with me so much, it’s worthy of a mention in a song.

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