Bopz, Bangerz, & Jamz: A Roundup of Recent Playlists

If you’re signed up for my emailer (and you ARE signed up, right? RIGHT?), then you’ve been digging some of the recent playlist I’ve put together for you. They’re full of new music from familiar artists and brand new bands making great songs.

It’s all in the name of music discovery and turning you onto new stuff. Nothing pretentious, no holier-than-thou music elitist bullshit, just the goods to get you through the week and hopefully out to a show.

I’ve posted the first edition above, and the remaining five below. Please sign up for the emailer and follow me on Spotify and Instagram for more updates. Let me know what you think in the comments.

v.ii: i dont wanna die

v.iii: there must be something wrong with this town

v.iv: trace the coastline / we’ll stay here for the night

v.v: already know it’s gonna be fine there’s a lot of pretty girls in this town

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