Everything is Happening Today

I wake up, my eyes are playing tricks on me
and through the dust
so much of my life has already come to be.

So I watch the sun go up and I watch the sun go down
the horizon hovering like a missing piece that can never be found.

And as the seasons lie in wait
like a secret you already know,
winter is behind us now it is ahead of us also.

And everything that ever was is happening today.
Everything I’ve ever done is happening the wrong way.
Pull the thread and draw the line,
different time and different place.
Everything that ever was is happening today.

And I believe that you could love me, just because.
But I remain as fragile as I ever was.

So if here is really there and if you are really mine,
my fear it is a circle and my joy it is the infinite line.

But the limits of words were with us since we learned to talk.
So I give my longing a name and I hold its hand and take a walk.

Check out a live performance of this beautiful song below.

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