Forever Turned Around with Chicago’s Whitney

For Fans Of: Neil Young, Fleet Foxes, Crosby Stills & Nash

Chicago indie-country duo return with their sophomore album, Forever Turned Around. Give this one a spin in the early morning with your first cup of a coffee.

From their camp:

On the follow up to their much-beloved debut, 2016’s Light Upon the
Lake, Ehrlich and Kakacek grapple with the anxiety and acceptance that time is limited and navigate questions of mortality, doubt, love, and friendship. It’s an album about partnership — romantic, familial and communal, but most importantly a love in friendship: the bonds between two best friends and creative partners and the joy and stress that comes with it. Lead single “Giving Up” is its triumphant opener – a heart-rending and relatable song about the ups and downs of long-term relationships.

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