Homemade Soft Food Recipe for Dogs

Buying canned soft food for your best buddy is bullshit, so I decided to make my own after checking out some popular brands’ recipes and talking to our vet.

Sir Walker Jackson is 11 months old at the time of the writing, and just like us humans, I think he should consuming organic food with as few chemicals/preservatives as often as possible.

Plus, he is the best! We want him around for a long time. I mean look at him!

I made what is essentially a Chicken Soup for doggos and pupperinos, super simple, inexpensive, and yields a lot more food vs canned foods. Plus, you dog will get essential nutrients from the bone broth you just made.

Remember, no seasoning! This is important. If you want to add anything to this, please make sure it is safe for dogs to consume. Also note, I’m not an expert. Consult with your vet before changing up your dogs routine.


  • 1 Organic Whole Chicken (3-4 pounds)
  • 1 Package of Organic Baby Carrots
  • 1 Package of Organic Frozen Green Beans


  1. Place chicken in large pot. Cover with water, a couple inches above the chicken. Bring to a boil.
  2. Once water is boiling, add full package carrots.
  3. Boil chicken until cooked through, roughly 20 minutes per pound.
  4. Remove Chicken from boiling water (now broth/bone broth). Make sure to get all the bones and cartilage out of the broth.
  5. Turn off heat and let the broth cool to room temperature. Add full package of green beans. Beans will cook quickly in the hot broth.
  6. Place chicken in the refrigerator.
  7. After chicken has cooled, remove skin and toss in the garbage. Shred/Pull off all edible chicken meat and add back into the broth.
  8. You can either add this as is to your food storage containers, OR you can add to a blender and blend it all up. Either works. I prefer to blend as it seems mix everything up evenly for his hard food.

Look at all that food!

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