It All Will Fall/Fall Right Into Place

I made this mix in August 2015.

The idea behind this one, after the introduction track by Incubus, was to keep the vocals to a minimum so that when we arrive at tracks 15 and 16, they really have a strong emotional impact.

The mix climaxes with two excellent covers. Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses cover my favorite Talking Heads song.

Lenka, who I know nothing about, brings new life to “Gravity Rides Everything,” one of my favorite Modest Mouse songs.

Unfortunately not all of the songs are on Spotify, so I hyperlinked them below.

  1. Incubus – Are You In?
  2. The Inner Banks – Electric
  3. ORG Lounge – Anonymous Melody*
  4. The Dining Rooms – Numero Deux
  5. Fisk Industries – On Thursday
  6. Mo’ Horizons – Soho Vibes
  7. Bonobo – D Song
  8. Zero 7 – Give it Away
  9. Kopas – Budapest Blues*
  10. Dale Anderson & Anil Chawla – Leftorium (Ambient Mix)*
  11. Paul Kalkbrenner – Azure
  12. The Cinematic Orchestra – The Awakening of a Woman (Burnout)
  13. Penguin Cafe Orchestra – From the Colonies
  14. The Trolleyvox – Cold Snap
  15. Iron & Wine + Ben Bridwell – This Must Be the Place
  16. Lenka – Gravity Rides Everything
  17. Helen Jane Long – Echo

Photo above by Western Montana.

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