It’s Just the Shoreline, Receding…

“One of the most depressing things in the world to me is how people start to get frozen in their 30s. You’ll hear your friends say, “I don’t know any new bands,” or, “Oh, did you hear there’s a new record by this band?” And it’ll be some indie rock band where it’s like, “Really? They’re still around?” [laughs] Some people might snarkily say that about us.

A music fan that doesn’t have it in them to find new music anymore is like absolute death to me. What are you even doing being alive if you’re not trying to constantly grow? And I don’t mean just in terms of music, but in terms in pushing yourself to try different foods and watch different kinds of movies. The world encourages you to lock into a particular routine. I fucking hate when I hear people in their 50s say, “I’m too old to change.”

Fuck you, you’re lucky to be alive, asshole. Why don’t you try to grow? It’s a gift to get to be born and not suddenly die of cancer or get hit by a car. One day, you’re gonna be a rotting body in the ground and you’re gonna be like, “Wow, I kinda wish I listened to new music from ages 30 to 70.”

– Okkervil River

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