Kings of Convenience Update

Kings of Convenience have been working on a new album for a minute now, playing gigs and testing out new material. All across the pond, of course. But this new news is very exciting, especially considering we’ve waited eight years (!!!) for a new album!

Side note: 2017 is the year of bands either getting back together or releasing their first new material in a VERY long time.

Zach the Fan is very stoked.

Being fans of KoC, most of us know of Erlend Oye’s other project, The Whitest Boy Alive. He’s also released two solo albums, one of which (Legao) came out in 2014. I briefly remember reading about Eirick’s project Kommode a long time ago, but he had next to nothing out.

So when KoC posted the above, I was pumped, and friends, this Kommode album does not disappoint! It actually reminds me a lot of the WBA material. It’s funny how together, they make some of the most relaxing and best acoustic music. But apart, they both have a lot of funk and dance inside them.

Good for cruising in the California sunshine, for sure.

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