Mobile Sauna Tent

I’ve been slightly obsessed with the health benefits of the sauna for a hot (wink) minute now, and with a recent life update (see: moving to Montana into an actual house), I can finally buy a sauna that fits with where I’m at.

The Morzh Sauna Tent or Camping Tent Sauna is the best thing I’ve purchased in years.

Sauna? Check.

Heated winter tent? Check.

Most importantly it’s a mobile sauna. And for someone like me who is still renting and not sure where I’ll be in a year, it is a great investment.

What should I buy?

Morzh is the company based out of Russia (I think), and they use Camping Tent Sauna for their North American shipping.

I bought the regular Morzh Sauna Tent Walrus and the regular Intent Stove. They have light and smaller versions, but after speaking with their team, this was the best fit for me since it is primarily used as a sauna. I also bought the Warm Floor, which they assured me wasn’t totally necessary, and to be honest I haven’t even used it yet.

I purchased this thermometer (it’s in celsius but just get it to 80 degress and you’re in the sweet spot) and these benches from Amazon for inside the tent.

You’ll also need wood, a hatchet, eucalyptus essential oil, a little lamp for night sessions, a bucket, a ladle, and some dark stones for the top of the stove to create steam.

For Your Health

Here’s what you need to know accordingly to science for maximum health benefits

  • 25-30 minutes
  • 5+ times a week
  • 80°C or 176°F


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