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Something that I and many people in the vast sphere of music nerdom have noticed is the shift in coverage and quality of the beloved website, Pitchfork.

They’ve shifted from the ultimate indie music resource to…well, something to please everyone. And I get it, I understand that it’s a business and music tastes are changing and blah, blah, blah…

The rant could continue, but I found an interesting thread in r/indieheads, one of the new resources I’ve found since (my perceived) decline in Pitchfork’s coverage of music I tend to enjoy.

This thread is really interesting. It’s a lot of comments about this article.

The author of the article “went through the trouble of scraping over 15 years of one of the leading independent music websites. Pitchfork shaped [his] record collection over the past 10 years [he] have been reading the publication, but nowadays it feels like a totally different website.  [He] wanted to take a look and see if there was any evidence that supported my intuition.”

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