My Podcast Game

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Here is a list of my go-to Podcasts. I broke down by category and what I listen to every week/when I’m interested in the guest/topic.

I can say with full confidence that podcasts have been one of the most positive things to enter my life in the last five years. If you’re hungry for knowledge, a curious person, or want to be informed and entertained, all of these will make your life better.

I listen to podcasts through the Apple Podcast app, but you can also use Spotify, Google Play store, Stitcher, and others. I don’t think any provider has nailed the interface, so I’ve stuck with Apple. 

Lastly, the most frequent response I get from people who are not into podcasts yet is something along the lines of: “I just don’t know when I would listen to them.”

I listen to them everyday, just as much as I listen to music, if not more. When I’m riding my bike, exercising at the gym, cooking, walking, driving, etc. Once you start introducing them into your routine, it’ll become just like music.


I listen to every episode of the below


I listen to these based around the guests, topic, the insanity of the news cycle, and/or new seasons.

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