Pod Save America & Ben Shapiro

On a particular crazy news day, I invite you to try an experiment: Listen to Pod Save America and The Ben Shapiro Show.

Obviously this is nothing new. You can watch CNN and Fox News and witness two completely different takes on the same information. But who watches cable news anymore? Not millennials.

51% of Americans have listened to a podcast before, and 22% listen to a podcast weekly, with the average listener subscribing to seven podcasts. Although I couldn’t find recent data to back this up, I think it’s safe to assume that good portion of millennials get their news from podcasts.

Which is why I like this experiment. Ben Shapiro and Pod Save America are the two most popular political podcasts: one conservative, one liberal. As of this writing, Ben’s podcast is #6 and PSA is #9 in iTunes News Charts. On the overall Podcast Chart, Ben is at #17 and PSA is at #64. Their individual episodes are consistently in the Top 20 on the overall podcast episode chart.

Both podcasts/hosts are billed as their liberal or conservative voice for millennials. Shapiro is 34, and the average age of the four PSA hosts is 38.5. PSA gets about 1.5 million listeners per episode, and Shapiro gets about 1 million per episode. None of this includes their media networks, Crooked Media (PSA) and The Daily Wire (Shapiro), or their individual reach via social media.

I think it is important to listen to people you disagree with. It’s also important to understand how the other side frames their world view. I would love to see these guys get together in one room and discuss their differing viewpoints.

Try it and let me know what you think in the comments.

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