RIP Mac Miller

To be honest I am not super familiar with Mac’s music. Obviously I’ve been aware of him, he has played our festivals and events. But I never really gave his music a good listen, just checked out new singles here and there.

I had no idea he was only 26, way too young. 

After his death, it starts coming from all the artists I love and respect: Q-tip, Big Boi, Questlove, John Mayer, Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Chance the Rapper, Ear Sweatshirt, and so many more of his contemporaries. But damn, if the greats love him, maybe I should give this another shot.

The lesson here is simple.

Tell people you love, respect, enjoy, all of those things: that you love and respect and enjoy what they’re doing, enjoy them as people. Whenever you feel inspired, share the positivity. Don’t hesitate. You never know when it’ll be too late.

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