Care for Me

Saba released the amazing Care For Me.

Chicago strong.

Incredibly fun and rewarding to watch Saba grow as an artist. I vividly remember my old coworker, maybe five years ago, telling me I need to pay attention to “this kid Saba, he’s really doing something special.” I’ve been a fan ever since.

Last year, Saba’s cousin was stabbed to death in Chicago after a brief scuffle on the train. The killer tailed him for half a block before fleeing, just to make sure he would die. The way Saba raps about his cousin—born Walter Long Jr., who performed as dinnerwithjohn and was a founding member of Saba’s Pivot Gang crew—you’d think he was magical, kissed by fortune his entire life. He was Saba’s mentor, his wingman, dauntless and deathless until, suddenly, he wasn’t.


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