I’m fairly tired and waiting for coffee to kick in on a Tuesday morning, specifically 4/18/17. Currently listening to Nick Drake’s Bryter Later.

The week of April 10, 2017 had some pretty great podcasts out that I want to share.

Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast is new to my “Subscriptions,” meaning I now download it every Monday and Thursday when it comes out, instead of just checking it out every once in a while. The Monday Morning Podcast is honestly the only ‘cast I listen to that makes me literally laughing out loud each and every week. Sometimes I’m riding my bike through Chicago laughing hysterically like a crazy person. He is arguably the second funniest man on the planet (behind Dave Chappelle, of course), so it’s worth it just to listen to him complain and ramble. But he is also SUPER into all sports, so if you’re inclined towards any sports, listening to him just bitch about everything, especially Boston sports, is amazing.

So anyway, on Monday he goes off about the Masters and Sergio winning. Classic. On Thursday, after the amazing Charlie Murphy passed away, Bill shares some great stories and memories about him. It is a very genuine, funny, and loving moment that caps off with Bill holding back tears. A very real moment on 2017′s version of radio.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast is still one I don’t subscribe to, but I listen to it whenever the guest sounds interesting. For me, I’m not into his MMA or fighting-related podcasts, and his ‘casts with other comedians are typically in the weeds. The only recent one I can think of was with Mr Bill Burr.

Anyway, he had an orthopedic surgeon and therapist on last week. Apparently Joe “needed” elbow surgery until this guy came in and fixed him up through PT and other means. I found a lot of the research and stuff they talked about to be fascinating. Find it here.

Lastly but definitely not least-ly, the powerful Sam Harris and his Waking Up podcast. To quote Sam, he “speaks with Tristan Harris about the arms race for human attention, the ethics of persuasion, the consequences of having an ad-based economy, the dynamics of regret, and other topics.” One of his job titles as Google was Design Ethicist. This podcast absolutely blew my mind. I cannot recommend this episode enough. Find it here.

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