The Hit Parade Explores Stevie Wonder

The Hit Parade is an awesome podcast from Slate. In it, host Chris Molanphy explores the Billboard Charts, not in a douche-y, critical way, but from a historical standpoint, contextualizing the music, the artists, and everyone involved. Not every episode is great, but some he truly nails it.

I absolutely loved the episodes on Creedence Clearwater Revival, Elton John, and Prince & Tom Petty. But my favorite so far is this one, where he explores Stevie Wonder career in the 60’s and most famously, the 70’s.

I really can’t convey the importance of Stevie Wonder overall, let alone his run in the 1970s. I mean, you have to listen to the records in full, but you know the tracks that came off of said records. He released 10 albums in the 70s, TEN ALBUMS! And five of those albums were Music of My Mind (1972), Talking Book (1972), Innervisions (1973), Fulfilingness First Finale (1973), and the greatest album of all time, Songs in the Key of Life (1976). Are you fucking kidding me?

It is the greatest five album streak in the history of music in my opinion. And Steve in the 1970s it is the greatest creative achievement in the history of popular music.

Enjoy the podcast and remember, if you’re ever feeling down, just put on some Stevie Wonder.

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