Twenty Three Million Americans

So I was going to post something fun about how all my favorite bands are getting back together, releasing new music, and/or going on tour. Broken Social Scene, LCD Soundsystem, AIR, and many others.

But the current administration just released their proposal for revamping health care. And it’s the opposite of fun. On a personal level, this will potentially affect my family and friends deeply. If you haven’t talked to the people you care about, regardless of their political affiliation, you need to.

Do you know someone who is part of the opioid epidemic? Welp, they’re fucked, ‘cuz rehab programs are no longer covered by insurance.

How about someone who can no longer work due to disability? Welp, they’re fucked. Cuts to Medicaid will make it virtually impossible to cover the cost of the medicine they need.

Planned Parenthood? “Get fucked.”

Oh and rich people need to be richer, so tax cuts. Because obviously.

Twenty three million people could be hurt by this bill. You know someone who will be impacted by this proposal. Hell, you might get fucked.

There is so much being thrown at us everyday, but you have to fight for the people around you. For the people you care about. For the things you care about.

It’s not you vs everyone else.

It’s not us vs them.

We’re all Americans living in this country.

Pick up the phone.


Send an email.



Here is a helpful article to educate yourself.

Here is a way to help.

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