It’s not what he said said, it’s how he said it.

In one week we have off-the-cuff threats of Nuclear War from the President like it’s a dick-swinging contest and a domestic terrorist act by true blooded American Nazis.

Trump comments on literally everything, and yet does not mention that white nazis killed a 32 year-old American named Heather Heyer, who peacefully protested a March for Hate, a March for Bigotry, a March for White Supremacy.

Your actions (or lack thereof) will ALWAYS speak louder than words.

Fuck Donald Trump and everyone in government who continue to stand by idly.

I really mean this:

At what point do we, as American citizens, leaders of the free world who believe in Democracy, who believe in the core values that continue to move this country forward, walk into the White House and PEACEFULLY remove this cowardly administration from their positions of power?

Honestly, what will it take?

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