Your Anger is a Gift


It’s TOP vs BOTTOM. 

The powerful vs the powerless. 

Us vs Them. 

Let’s use one example. The Washington Post is owned by the most wealthy man in the history of the planet. Do you think they’re going to say one bad thing about Amazon, about Jeff Bezos?

Who owns CNN or Fox News? Who funds The New York Times or Wall Street Journal? Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Network or the Pod Save America bros?

As of this year, 90% of the media you consume is owned by four media conglomerates.

Your source of information has an agenda. Be aware of the narrative they’re pushing. 

Donald Trump is good for the media business. He is good for the Democratic establishment. 

While they point and laugh at the village idiot, they approve $130 BILLION more dollars annually towards military spending.


Donald Trump is a PART of the problem, but he is not THE problem. He is a SYMPTOM of the systematic issues our society has faced for decades while corporate oligarchs have taken over this country.

Think about it: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are two sides of the same coin. Trump said “drain the swamp,” Bernie said no more “politics as usual,” the outsider and the the independent, both promised to help the middle class.

It seems to me that the people wanted Bernie, not once but twice, and the Democratic Establishment pushed him out. Bernie’s main point? Universal Health Care for all! And they can’t even give us that during a global pandemic.

How about Andrew Yang, who wanted to set up a Universal Basic Income? Seems like it could help a lot of people right now. 

What about Tulsi Gabbard, a soldier who wants to end our nearly 20 year war? 

What did the establishment media and the Democrats say about them when they started to get momentum?

Do not be loyal to your institutions. Your institutions will not be loyal to you.


“Vote blue no matter who” is bullshit. It perpetuates the status quo which continues to fail us. It is the message of the mainstream media and politicians who benefit from the status quo. 

When you vote regardless of the issues, you immediately devalue your power.

Amy Klobuchar was rumored to be the VP pick just LAST WEEK. She failed to prosecute Derek Chauvin, the man who murdered George Floyd, in 2006 for KILLING ANOTHER MAN on the job.

Your elected officials do not represent you. The average age of a congress member is 59.8. Their average net worth is $1 million. 

The average age of an American right now is 38.2. Over 50% of the country lives paycheck to paycheck and could not afford a surprise bill of $500.

Do you really think they’re looking out for you? That they don’t serve their own self interest?

The people in power gave $2 trillion to the richest in the country, but cannot agree on a bill to support the people who need it most.

Socialism from the rich, rugged individualism for the rest of us.


There are more of US than there are of THEM. 

We tried protesting peacefully. And they had a problem with it.

This starts with the protests you’re seeing all over the country. 

Next we hit them in the only place they’ll notice: their wallets.


Strategize. Organize. Mobilize.

We must look after our black brothers and sisters. We must identify the issues and make our voices heard. We must stand in solidarity and not only follow their lead, but become leaders ourselves.

Demilitarize the police. Criminal Justice reform. Now.

The first step is to stage a national financial movement. The black community and their allies must move all of our money to black owned banks and financial institutions. If none exist in your area, move your money to a local credit union. 

(Side note, we should all do this anyway. As a quick example, Chase Bank is the #1 contributor to the fossil fuels industry at $268 billion annually.)

The next step is to only support black owned businesses. Spend your money there, and only there until justice is served and the system is reformed.

Then we must stage a labor protest. The black community and their allies must not work or spend money for one day and observe its effects.

Meanwhile, we must continue to take to the streets and capital buildings and demand that our voices are heard.

We then apply this same pressure for everything our generation believes in: equality for all, addressing the growing climate crisis, financial reform, government reform, and more.

Sam Cooke’s magnum opus was released in 1964.


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