Andrew Yang is Running For President & That’s the Least Interesting Thing About Him

The recent episode of Freakonomics about Andrew Yang and his ideas is incredibly fascinating. I actually forgot about his great conversation with Sam Harris as well (embedded above).

Andrew Yang is the son of immigrants. He is a salesmen. He is an entrepreneur. He founded Venture for America, a major non-profit that places top college graduates in start-ups for two years in emerging U.S. cities to generate job growth and train the next generation of entrepreneurs. He is running for President and I think that might be the least interesting thing about him.

What I enjoy most about these podcasts is that it’s like listening to an adult talk about real problems that my generation is facing. And also what older generations are facing without realizing that forces beyond their control are taking over.

I am not endorsing him, but I do find his talking points very interesting. He is running on Universal Basic Income, Medicare for All, and what he calls “Human Centered Capitalism.” Find more on all that right here.

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