Broken Social Scene Debut Two New Songs

Fun fact of the day: I have a Broken Social Scene song tattooed on my body. I almost went with a line from “Cause = Time,” the track that opens this set. I went with “Looks Just Like the Sun” instead.

Anyway, BSS stopped by The Strombo Show for CBC Music and played a 45 minute set featuring some classics from their catalogue (a Feist lead “Lover’s Spit” that almost killed me), some covers from the extended BSS family, and not one, but TWO NEW SONGS!

Does this mean that we won’t have to wait another seven years for a new album? Or are these some leftovers from the Hug of Thunder sessions? I hope we can get some more finite details soon. And I really wish Strombo would’ve asked during the performance.

In my indie rock alternative universe, BSS and Arcade Fire switch places. I’m glad that BSS is not that big, ‘cuz I can selfishly still see them in small venues. But if they were that big there might be some guarantees for new music.

Anyway, enjoy!

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