Best of 2020: Podcasts

As I wrote earlier this year, the podcast overlords finally answered the prayers of all of us and created the functionality to create playlists of podcasts.

Embedded above and right HERE you can find a playlist of all the podcasts from 2020 that I found to be entertaining, informative, educational, funny, and more.

It’s over 130 podcast and 226 hours of audio. Be sure to follow the playlist on Spotify.

This is definitely an overwhelming amount of content, so I’d just like to point out small number of them that really stuck with me this year. I loved Rick Rubin’s conversations with Andre 300 and Sturgill Simpson, James Taylor with Questlove, Sam Harris tacking the growing price of our constat distractions, breathing expert James Nastor with Joe Rogan, Russel Brand and Duncan Trussell, Dr Rhonda Patrick on all the health benefits of the Sauna, Mark Cuban and Andrew Yang, James Altucher and Chuck Palahniuk, and many others.

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