Bibio Announces New Album Sleep on the Wing

Bibio released the excellent LP Ribbons just over a year ago, and now he is following it up with another brand new album, Sleep on the Wing, out June 12th on the legendary Warp Records.

Ribbons was easily in my Top 5 albums of 2019, and I’m excited to hear him explore even further in this folk-y and electronica spiritual direction.

From the press release:

This release draws on a familiar range of influences from traditional folk, peaceful atmospheric soundscapes and field recordings from the natural world. Stephen Wilkinson (Bibio) once again demonstrates the breadth of his musicality, embracing a wide range of self-played instruments including the strings which gave Ribbons much of its flavor.

Pieced together over the course of last year, with a few exceptions stretching back into Bibio’s older repertoire, the Sleep On The Wing EP is a largely instrumental collection that exhibits deep atmospheric melodies as observations on rural escapism, reflection and melancholia. Recorded in Bibio’s home studio in the UK midlands countryside, the writing process for this latest EP starts in a similar place to most of his previous works, growing from a guitar riff into a richly textured soundscape one instrument at a time.

Pre-order the album now at Warp.

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