Best of 2018: Podcasts

So. Many. Podcasts.

But in the overabundance of podcasts, there is a ton of quality out there, man! And I am here to help you wade through all the bullshit since I have a lot of solo time to listen.

While all my favorite podcasts continued to deliver this year, the below series, seasons, or new pods really stood out from the pack.

Here is a list of my favorite episodes from 2018. I’ll try to figure out a convenient way to get these into a playlist and organize them better for 2019.

Joe Rogan with…

The incredible Michael Pollan on Joe Rogan and Sam Harris. These are in the top five of the year.

Jordan Peterson, the most (non)controversial person on the internet, with…

Don’t miss my favorite music here and here, my favorite tracks here, as well as my favorite books right here.

Drop your favorite series or episodes in the comments and I’ll check them out!


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